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We depend on the support of our donors in fulfilling our mission to connect our creative community by providing a dedicated campus, supporting excellent programming, and nurturing a collaborative spirit. Your charitable donation is critical to supporting The Center now and for ensuring a legacy of cultural vibrancy for generations to come.

Make your gift online by completing the form below, you may also add on a donation when you purchase tickets for any event at The Center. Center

Center Presents presale opportunities are available to individual donors and sponsors who contribute $3,500 or more to The Center annually.

If you have any questions please see the FAQ section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Six members of a band on stage playing their instruments in front of a purple background with a house and waterfall
Someone in the crowd at a performance holding their hands above their head to create a love heart shape

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I think of The Center as the other town square. It’s where everyone gathers. The art, the theater, the music – it’s the heart and soul of the community.
– Lindsay Wilcox –