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Off Square Theatre Company

Off Square Theatre (OST), established in 1998, is a professional theatre company dedicated to excellence in theatre through performances by theatre professionals and local artists; artistic exchanges for local and nationally known theatre artists; and educational programming for all ages. From 1998 to 2006, OST performed at the Pink Garter Mainstage Theatre off of Town Square. OST moved its headquarters to the Center for the Arts in 2006 and began operating the intimate 100-seat Black Box Theater year-round. OST also produces in the Center Theater. In 2013, OST launched Thin Air Shakespeare in the Center Amphitheater. This outdoor, family-friendly, and free professional Shakespeare production has become a beloved summer favorite of locals and visitors alike.

OST’s mission is to create high-quality live theatre experiences that bridge divides. Their vision is theatre as a catalyst for connection. They serve artists, students, and audience members of all ages in Teton County and surrounding regions. OST’s programming centers on three pillars: 1) producing professional theatre that prioritizes artistic excellence; 2) providing theatre arts education programs, and 3) outreach programs that bring people and communities together.

Off Square Theatre Company offers programming yearound, including theatre arts education and a professional season. Learn more about their program offering, upcoming shows, audition opportunities, and more by visiting their website. 

Events from Off Square Theatre Company

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