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October 22, 2015

Center Director and Board Members Honored for Going the Extra Mile  

At the town council meeting on October 19, Mayor Sara Flitner recognized The Center’s director Martha Bancroft and board members Don Opatrny and Peggy Gilday along with thirteen other local leaders for their extraordinary efforts to “go the extra mile” in order to make a difference and lift up fellow members of their community.

Extra Mile Day recognizes the capacity we each have to create positive change in ourselves, our families, our organizations and our communities when we “go the extra mile.” It is a day to celebrate individuals and organizations in local communities that go the extra mile in order to make a difference. It is also a day to renew our commitment to going the extra mile in personal effort, volunteerism, and service. In 2014, 527 cities declared November 1 “Extra Mile Day” and this year more than 550 cities have agreed to participate, including Jackson.

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