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Patrick Dougherty: Finders Keepers

Fri, Sep 9th 2022 - Fri, Dec 12th 2025

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Fri, Sep 9th 2022 - Fri, Dec 12th 2025
The Center Park
Presented by: Art Association of JH JH Public Art logo

Patrick Dougherty is an American environmental artist, best known for his sculptures and installations built with sticks and saplings. Finders Keepers, a site-specific sculpture, was constructed over the course of three weeks with the help of many local volunteers. It is made entirely out of locally sourced saplings found in Teton and Sublette Counties.

This sculpture is temporary and we hope all ages will enjoy it throughout the seasons for as long as possible. For your safety, and to help ensure others can enjoy this artwork over time, please do not climb on the sculpture. You are welcome to explore, wander, and enjoy!

About Patrick Dougherty: Born in Oklahoma in 1945, Patrick Dougherty grew up in North Carolina, where he roamed the woods as a child.  In the early 1980’s, he combined his carpentry skill with a love of nature and began to build sculptures using tree saplings as construction material. His work quickly evolved from single pieces on conventional pedestals to monumental-scale environmental works, which required saplings by the truckloads. He has built over 320 of these massive works, and become internationally acclaimed. His sculpture has been seen worldwide — from Scotland to Japan to Australia, and all over the United States.

Finders Keepers is generously sponsored by:

Agnes Bourne, CLB Architects, Engelhard Foundation, Charles and Lisa Claudy Fleischman Family Fund, Astrid Flood, Pamela Gibson, Maggie and Jim Hunt, Moorehead Family Fund, Anne and David Palmer, Shari Brownfield Fine Art, and Karen Stewart

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