Roth's sculpture Three Figures welcomes visitors to The Center

Feb 29, 2016 by Anne Bradley


Local artist Ben Roth's fabricated bronze sculpture "Three Figures" was recently installed outside of the northeast entrance to The Center as part of the Art in Public Spaces program. Carrier Richer, The Center's Art in Public Spaces Coordinator, recently interviewed Roth about his creative process.

What was the process of making Three Figures?

Three Figures is made with 3/16" plate bronze that was first drawn on a computer, then cut out with a laser, rolled and then welded down the front seam of each figure. After I fabricated the piece and ground down the seam, I took it up to Bozeman and had the guys at Northwest Art Casting do the patina. I was trying for a totemic form from another era that might have been pulled out of the ocean, maybe raided from the tombs of Atlantis.

How does this sculpture relate or inform other work you have created recently?

This piece was made in 2011 and relates more to the furniture and architectural metal work I've done than the sculptures I've been exploring the last couple years. Most of the art I'm making right now is not designed on a computer and is more about the environment and less about human culture and design.

What is your favorite sculpture in Jackson aside from your exceptional work scattered throughout the valley?

My favorite sculptures in town are John Simms' Circle Bison on the village road and the ArtSpot sign structure that Bland Hoke made on Broadway. When Bland told me that he wanted to use the chairlift pole to make the sign and that it would be able to pivot at its midpoint for easy installs I thought he was crazy and then he nailed it - very impressive. I also really like the quality of the Western scenes at the airport done by Shane Lindsay.

Where else would you like to see this sculpture 'live'?

I'd love to see Three Figures planted in a meadow draped with snow or wildflowers. It would also look cool reflecting in a still body of water.

Ben Roth is a local artist in Jackson, WY. His Instagram handle is @rothinator.
Roth's Three Figures is for sale. Sales inquiries can be directed to Carrie Richer, Art in Public Spaces Coordinator at The Center 307-734-8956.

Thank you to Jeffrey Kaphan of J.Kaphan Studios for the beautiful photographs of Three Figures!