New exhibit by artist Jenny Dowd

"Acting Out" opens on July 2 in The Center Theater Gallery

Jun 19, 2015 by Anne Bradley

On Thursday, July 2 from 5:30-7PM, The Center will host an opening reception featuring, “Acting Out,” a new body of work by Jackson-based artist Jenny Dowd in The Center Theater Gallery.

Primarily working in clay, Dowd creates objects on a variety of surfaces to interact with space and each other. Her sculptures and drawings address the relentless questions she has about science and oddities, and in creating this collection she found that, “the relationship between furniture led to an exploration of other objects; unnoticed light switches, vents and outlets, and the true nature of flowers and vases.”

This exhibit, a collection of drawings and sculptures featuring “objects behaving badly,” draws from Dowd’s observations of daily rituals, mundane activities, and the subtleties of body language. “I am interested in the funny life furniture leads; created as an aesthetic and ergonomic support for the human form it lacks another frame of reference for existence. Alone and without human interaction, furniture awkwardly waits and perhaps imitates scenes from the day,” Dowd remarks in her artist statement.

is currently creating art out of Dowd House Studios in Jackson, WY. Her past work and installations have been exhibited at the Lander Art Center in Lander, WY, the Art Association Gallery in Jackson, WY, the Boone County Historical Museum in Colombia, MO and Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art in Marshall, MO.

"Acting Out" is one of seven exhibits chosen by The Center during a juried "Call to Artists" in September 2014.