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Lear by William Shakespeare

Sun, Mar 10th 2024
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Sun, Mar 10th 2024
The Center Theater
$ 28.00 - $ 33.00
Presented by: Riot Act Inc. logo

Riot Act, Inc. is excited to present Lear on The Center Main Stage. The production will run March 6-10, 2024 including weekend matinees.

Lear is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. It is based on the mythological Leir of Britain. Lear, in preparation for old age, divides her power and land between two of her daughters. She becomes destitute and insane and a proscribed crux of political machinations.

Helmed by veteran director Macey Mott with fight director Samantha Kaufman, this classic tragedy features Linda Rode in the lead role. Our wonderful cast includes Aaron Flohrs, Melchor Moore, Brian VanHattan, Dolyn Kinney, English Buttram, Esther Mulvihill, Garrett Austen, George Hubbard, Ian Chapman, Jenny Davis, Jess Keil-Brown, Kimberly Hall, Margaret Gordon, and Suzanne Spence.

**This production does involve staged violence. Parental Guidance suggested.**

Livestream tickets for Friday, March 8th, can be purchased here!

About Riot Act, Inc.

Riot Act, Inc. was created just over 20 years ago by ambitious artists for ambitious artists. Differentiating itself from other local theatre groups, Riot Act provides an inclusive home for local theatre artists to flex their talent. 

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