Wallflowers - Stacey Walker Oldham

Presented by Center Presents

Stacey Walker Oldham
Center Theater Gallery
March 15-April 25

Wallflowers is a collection of floral patterns designed to enrich and enhance spaces. Each pattern starts with a unique color palette and grows into a whimsical garden with unexpected details.  Hand drawn flowers are arranged into a seamless repeating pattern.

Artist statement:
Wallpapers can connect us to past eras and I’m particularly drawn to the patterns I grew up with in the 70s and 80s and the maximalism of the Italian renaissance when all surfaces were covered in decoration. 


About Stacey Walker Oldham:

A longtime Teton Valley, Idaho resident, Stacey has a fine arts background which led to a graphic art career ranging from advertising to stock and editorial illustration with work appearing in local publications, film and tv. After years of working more traditionally with pen and ink, Stacey recently switched to a completely digital workflow allowing for more creative freedom. In 2012, she started a family and was able to focus on her art while also being a full-time mother.

Thank you to the Paper Hang Gang for installing the wallpaper in the Center Theater Gallery! @thepaperhanggang