The Mike Super 2.OH show

Presented by The Center

The Center presents

The Mike Super 2.OH™ show

December 29, 2019 at 7PM

The Center Theater

Tickets: $19 Students $39 adults

In this brand new show, it’s possible that someone will travel through time, the audience could solve a murder mystery, impossible predictions are made and minds are read…all involving the audience in a way never before experienced…and this is only in the first 10 minutes of his all-new show…The Mike Super 2.OH! SHOW! ™ Bring your family and friends BACK to share in an ALL NEW evening of the impossible.

Mike has amazed Howie Mandel, Kim Kardashian, Louie Anderson, Howard Stern, Jeffery Katzenberg, Ariana Grande, Tina Fey, Heidi Klum, Nick Cannon, Penn & Teller Lynyrd Skynyrd, Criss Angel, Raven-Symone, Train, Kenny Chesney and Ellen DeGeneres to name but a few!

Mike's ever-growing popularity has garnered him many prestigious awards and honors, including being the only magician in history to win a LIVE magic competition on primetime US network television. In addition, his other accomplishments include being named Entertainer of the Year, Best Performing Artist of the Year, Best Novelty Performer of the Year AND he was voted America's Favorite Mystifier on NBC's hit TV Show PHENOMENON. Despite all of this, Mike humbly insists, it is the loyalty of his fan base that has been most rewarding. His legions of fans call themselves "THE SUPERFREAKS" and they number in the millions.