Best of Manhattan Short Films

Presented by Center for the Arts

Best of Manhattan Short Films
Join us for the first installation of the Best of Manhattan Short Film screenings. Tune in to this page on Tuesday, June 23 at 7 pm, for screenings of three short films. You can also view the stream at facebook/TheCenterJH.

Three films featured this month are #30 (9 mins), Kismet Diner (9 mins), and Cluck (20 mins).

About the Festival:
Manhattan Short is not a touring Festival; rather, it is an instantaneous celebration that occurs simultaneously across the globe, bringing great films and great artists to great venues and allowing the audiences to select their favorites. This year, the festival runs from September 24 - October 11, 2020, when over 100,000 film lovers unite in over 400 venues worldwide to view and vote for the next generation of filmmakers at the 23rd Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival.