An Evening with Lettuce

Presented by Center Presents

An Evening with: Lettuce
Center Presents
The Center Theater
January 18 | 8:00 PM

For this event the orchestra level will be general admission (standing room), and the balcony will be reserved seating with seat assignments.
DJ support from Nigel Hall. 

"Dealing with the pandemic, being in separate places, trying to survive without our best friends, without touring, not to mention the political divide in this country," says Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch. "We really needed to unify." 

So, here it is, right on time. Unify. The eighth studio album from Lettuce, it's also a third consecutive record made at Denver's Colorado Sound Studios, completing a loose trilogy starting with 2019's Grammy-nominated Elevate, and continuing with 2020's Resonate.

Epitomizing the funk and the fun, it's impossible for "Keep That funk Alive," not to be a focus track, even on a 16-song album full of highlights. Inspired by a buoyant Bootzy Instagram post, and an irrepressible groove crafted around it. The venerable Parlament-Funkadelic bassist dug the hybridized creation, laying down low end and vocals on the proper track. "It's such a dream to have one of the inventors of funk music bless this album. We are all STILL in awe!" exclaims the band. 

This album is an expression that is pure Lettuce. Unify will teleport you to a funky galaxy far, far away, where all life coexists as one in peace, love, harmony, and music!