The Klezmatics

Presented by Jackson Hole Jewish Community

The Klezmatics
Jackson Hole Jewish Community
The Center Theater
January 19 | 7:00 PM

In the rich and colorful Yiddish language there are expressions that vividly convey virtually any emotion or action. One such phrase is farshafn a sakh freyd un fargenign, which means to give much joy and pleasure. This saying perfectly encapsulates the happiness that the Klezmatics have delivered to the passionate millions who have discovered their music since the band’s formation more than 30 years ago. In that time, the Klezmatics have raised the bar for Eastern European Jewish music, made aesthetically, politically and musically interesting recordings, inspired future generations, created a large body of work that is enduring, and helped to change the face of contemporary Yiddish culture.

Enjoy after-concert refreshments in the lobby sponsored by the Jackson Hole Jewish Community.