Emily Boespflug - Precipitous

Presented by Center Presents

Emily Boespflug - Precipitous
Center Presents
The Center Theater Gallery
June 23 - August 10, 2022

Opening Reception, Thursday, June 23rd, 4:00-6:00 PM.

Unfolding the awe and wonder of the untamed spirit, the imagery in Precipitous highlights the diversity of several Western Wyoming landscapes throughout the changing seasons, celebrating the iconic Western experience of truly feeling wild and free. My personal interpretation of these spaces is a collective reflection of my experiences observing and exploring these common and uncommon scenes over time, as discovered from backcountry roads and trails or from simply visiting National Park features. Sharing these fleeting moments through my own form of visual poetry is my way of paying respect, to honor the land I love and to remind us all of the temporal nature of our surroundings.

About Emily
Born in Sheridan WY and living near the foothills on the Bighorn mountains throughout childhood, Emily first found inspiration in the open meadows, deep canyons and remote forests of this ancient mountain range. Encouraged to follow her creative drive by a mentor in college, Emily went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Fine Art paired with a degree in Psychology with full intention of becoming an Art Therapist. Both areas of study became lifetime endeavors. Emily has been exhibiting her oil paintings for nearly 20 years while residing in Jackson. She previously directed the youth and outreach programs for the Art Association whilst teaching classes for all ages and abilities in both classroom and therapeutic settings for several years. In 2019 she started a family and has since enjoyed being a full-time mom and artist, continuing to show at art fairs and galleries as well as working as a face painter and most recently, as a “live painter” at weddings and events. She also enjoys plein air painting and the challenge of capturing the ever changing subtleties of light and color, a practice essential to developing her unique style of blending and layering in the studio.

Artist Statement
My desire to create stems from the need to engage in a creative process, to reach beyond the natural beauty of a space and interpret moments in time rather than a realistic rendering of a scene. As an artist living among the contrasting worlds of rural spaces and the new west that now defines Jackson Hole. My need to be immersed in wild spaces continues to grow along with the desire to share this love of freedom. My appreciation and passion for the outdoors continues to have a profound influence on my creative process. Exploring visual language through oil paint, I combine soft pensive brushwork with bold, saturated color to create my energetic, often ethereal imagery, that reflects my time spent absorbing all a place has to tell me. Poetic narratives emerge in a naturalist style simply expressing a love and beauty of the natural world without losing the representational aspect of what I am seeing.