Barbara Gentry: Time

Presented by Center Presents

A new sculpture by local artist Barbara Gentry is on display on the Center outdoor sculpture pad. The piece is called Time and is made with mild steel and river rock. The sculpture was invited to be placed at the Center in the Fall of 2021 as part of the Creative in Residence project led by Agnes Bourne.  Barbara has been an artist since 1992, starting her career apprenticing in an Atlanta metal shop followed by a two-year technical school. She moved to Jackson in 2002.

Time – Barbara Gentry

We always think we have enough.  
We think we’ll have more.  
But will we?  
Time is passing non-stop.
We follow it with clocks 
             and calendars.  
Always be on time.  
Yet we can’t study it with 
      a microscope or 
       experiment with it.  
We can’t reach out and grab it.  
It keeps passing whether 
           we like it or not.  
We just cannot say what exactly 
happens when time passes 
  — but all we must do 
         is look around us.

The clock is a physical mechanism 
that counts the passage of time.  
We can’t see or touch time,
 but we can measure its passage.  
Time moves only in one direction.  
We can move forward in time, 
but we can’t move backward. 
When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Father Time.  
Mother Nature.  
Planet Earth.
Different concepts but still related.  
We see things grow, get bigger,
      get older, die.  
We usually can’t see the effects 
     moment by moment.
Yet when we step away for a while
      and then return, 
      the effects are obvious.  
A tree gets bigger, a river 
     changes course, 
a child grows taller, a pet dies. 

We nurture the child -
 but are we forgetting the Earth?  
How long can we ignore it before 
   too much time passes?
We cannot go backward, only forward.  
Do we still have enough time? 
          How will we know — 
            in this moment — 
              if we don’t?



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