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The Center presents


Art of Susan Durfee and Joseph Cipro
November 6 - December 18
The Center Theater Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, November 7th 5:00 - 6:30PM

ART TALK: Thursday, December 12th 12:00-1:00PM

Re-imagining relationships and environmental realities to understand our present and envision the future.

Susan Durfee

In this new body of work I explore the impact of relationships upon us through color studies developed through a psychological lens. The initial painting is inspired by colors that I perceive as descriptive of another’s personality. From there I refer to actual colors from my face, layering them on top while considering the relationship between the two. How do the strengths of the ‘others’ personality, or my own, overshadow? When and how do our compatibilities blend? Is there a spiritual ribbon that weave us together? www.susanddurfee.com

Joseph Cipro

My work for this show is a conceptual approach to reimagining relational, causal, and environmental constructs. I paint poetic interpretations of the (quantum) history of the cosmos, the psychology, sociology and ecology of our world, and the personal musings of my own journey through them. Freedom to relate ideas and visions is my unifying principle—the ideas find their own expression in various forms and media. Observation, reading, music, and conversation are the instigators of my adventures in art, and my personal experiences aid in translation, understanding, and insight. josephcipro.com