The 24th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival Livestream

Presented by Center Presents

The Center Presents

The 24th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival
September 23 | 7 pm

For this virtual performance, you can pick your own ticket price. Please pay what you can to help us continue to bring you excellent programming. Only ONE ticket is needed per household.

You may also attend this performance in person - $15 + $3 processing fee.
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Manhattan Short is a celebration of short films and was established in 1998 on the streets of New York City. Today, it has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon. Manhattan Short screens 9 compelling shorts in 500+ cinemas simultaneously during the week of September 23 to October 3, 2021. Manhattan Short doesn’t have judges award the short films. Instead, they allow the audience (i.e. You) to be the judge. The audience votes for their choice of Best Film and Best Actor. Then on the last day of the festival, the short films with the most votes are announced as the winners. Manhattan Short is for film lovers who want to experience unique and riveting stories from all around the world.