Art and Healing

Over time, art has been recognized not just as a decorative tool but as a critical component of a healing environment. Research increasingly shows that patients who are exposed to art that is calming, positive, and affirming have lower rates of pain, shorter hospital stays, and generally experience better clinical outcomes.

Center for the Arts, St. John's Hospital Foundation and St. John’s Medical Center has a continued partnership focused upon Art and Healing. The hallways at St. John's Medical Center's Professional office building exhibits local artist’s work through this initiative. Work is selected through The Center's Call to Artists each October and is chosen based on the Art and Healing criteria established by The St. John’s Hospital Art Committee. In 2016, Alissa Davies’ show, Mother-Moment-Memory, was exhibited as part of this partnership.

The 2017 featured artist is Tamara Ashburn King, and her work is now hanging in the Professional Office Building.

Artist: Tamara Ashburn King

Artist Statement: Reflections

"No one can say life is beautiful all the time. Or that we always feel its rapture—especially in trying times. I’ve had a life full of healing bestowed upon me. And surprisingly, some of my greatest gifts come from these pivotal moments. But it always takes some reflection. And some animal spirit to overcome our challenges.

Painting and creating are like dancing to me. There is energy moving through me that’s expressed onto canvas. Every time I step up to an empty white canvas with all my life’s baggage, I have to summon a courageous heart to let tears, joy, and passion flow through my brush and paints. For me, painting is an act of healing—moving through struggle to serenity. With our lives in constant motion, painting is symbolic that I’m transforming with life.

I was born and raised in Jackson Hole and a 4th generation Wyoming woman. I’m a wife, daughter, sister, student, poet, skate skier and contemporary artist. I sign my name in lowercase to express my humility in this expanding universe. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this. I hope you find inspiration in your day. And hope my paintings shine color, movement, and peace into it. I’m grateful to you, my viewer."

"Rush" by Tamara Ashburn King is pictured below.