2019 Creative in Residence



A collection of world class artists came together to create large-scale immersive art installations on The Center Campus. The Opening Celebration took place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 with multiple art openings followed by a performance by Rising Appalachia.


A collaboration with Aaron Taylor Kuffner and Mia Dungeon

The Center Courtyard

Shrine is a multi-faceted artist who has been making work across disciplines for over 30 years. The richness of his practice comes from lovingly embracing the unknown, working with items discarded by humans all over the world, and the complete dedication to his immersive process. Shrine's work can be seen in countless countries on nearly all 7 continents.

While tending to create larger than life installations in public spaces, these works are often made up of smaller sculptures, paintings, and found objects that come together, transforming themselves into something even greater than the sum of their parts. His installations range from large outdoor pieces at major festivals, humanitarian work in multiple countries as well as being no stranger to the gallery world, including solo project spaces at Art Basel Miami, the Craft and Folk Art Museum and La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as the Yerba Buena Art Center in San Francisco.


The Art Association Gallery

Aaron Taylor Kuffner is a conceptual artist whose dynamic work reaches far outside conventional forms of representation and is uniquely attached to the idea of providing conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through experiences of beauty and the sublime. Gamelatrons draw on the thousand-year-old sonic tradition of Indonesia–Gamelan–and the emerging field of robotics to create magical, viscerally-powerful, site-specific performances, installations and stand-alone art works.


The Center Theater Gallery

A self-proclaimed Hermit Crab, Mia Dungeon lives and works out of her 1986 Toyota van. Navigating ever-changing landscapes, her work is a sponge to the constant influx of the vast visual stimuli innate to life on the road. The windshield of this 6’x8’ live/work space on wheels provides a viewing portal that frames her transient experiences that Mia translates into Surreal paintings. Her most recent series “Desert Bloom” was inspired by, and created in, Mia’s time spent in the Mojave Desert between Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the West Coastline of Southern California. This series is infused with desert flora and fauna from the Saguaro Cacti, Date Palms, Golden Poppies, Greater Roadrunners, California Quail, and nights in natural mineral pools under the desert stars.


June 8, 2019 at 8PM

The Center Theater

Rising Appalachia have merged multiple global music influences with their own southern roots and built its legion of listeners independently -- a self-made success story that has led to major festival appearances and sold-out shows at venues across the country. Their music has emerged out of the idea of taking the traditions of Southern music and rising out of them, creating different bridges between cultures and stories to make them feel alive and reflective of the times right now.


The Center's 2019 Creative in Residence

Passionately curious, inspired by non-genre bound creativity, and motivated by the power of art and experiences to create the opportunity for systemic change,” would be a good way to describe Jeff’s ambitions as a curator of cultural offerings.

Inspired early on by the art based performance gathering Bread And Puppet in Vermont, he felt the major impact that visceral art experiences can provide. Over the course of the next 20 years, he built production experience, created art focused spaces and parties, and has collaborated on art and music projects at festivals across the West Coast and Canada. He founded a production company, Nomadic Events, in Jackson, WY in 2007, that focuses on sharing a range of unique and diverse art and music events, with clients ranging from The North Face, Center for the Arts, The National Museum of Wildlife Art, Arc’ Teryx, What The Festival, and the Bass Coast Project, in addition to, working with private clients. In 2015, he co-founded the Contour Music Festival in Jackson, WY which over the course of 3 days featured more than 80 multi-genre artists, ranging from live bands to DJ’s, dance performances, mural, gallery and physical installation artists, as well as, featured workshops. He can’t help but constantly be dreaming up new projects that await the proper catalyst.