Bill Waterman

Photo Credit: Credit: Andy Bardon

Bill graduated from Union College in 1976 with a BS in Economics.

After graduation, he went to work for his family’s business, Morania Oil Tanker Corp., a regional barge business operating primarily in the New York metropolitan area. In 1983, Bill started Penn Maritime, a coastal barge business which operated on the east and gulf coast. Penn provided logistic services to large refiners, moving product and feed stocks to and from refineries. In December 2012 Bill sold Penn Maritime to Kirby Corp. and accepted a seat on their board.

Bill and his family started coming to Jackson in 1997 and bought a home on Gros Ventre North in 2005. Like everyone else, they were attracted to Jackson’s magnificent environment, the active lifestyle, and interesting people. His wife Teresa is a committed artist, and maintains a studio in New York.