Artist explores complexities of life through innovative exhibition

Feb 25, 2016 by Anne Bradley

On Friday, March 11 from 5:30-7PM, Center for the Arts will host an opening reception for artist Kayla Arend’s multi-disciplinary exhibition, Ignis Anima, which features a short film, live painting/dance performance, and a collection of still photographs in The Center Theater Gallery. Arend, the project’s director, explains this multi-sensory experience as follows, “Ignis means fire. Anima is the animated soul. This Latin phrase loosely defined means soul fire.” Each element of Arend’s art piece symbolizes six major processes of one’s life as an experience. Paint is different emotional experiences over a lifespan. Dance is the perception of those experiences. Music is the historical aspect of the human condition as an idea. Film is someone else’s interaction with one’s life experiences. Photography is the impact and memory after taking in the moment. Art is the means of expression.

In her artist statement, Arend remarks about the exhibition, “The film embodies an outsider’s interaction with one’s life experiences. From this, once a life’s materials are spent and all the energy has gone elsewhere, memories of your life remain, symbolized by the still-photographs that surround the projected films. The music inspired the dance. The dance created the painting. The painting invented the film. The film produced the photography. Time is what it took to use art as the expression.”

The public is invited to meet Kayla Arend and learn about her creative process on Wednesday, March 9 at 12PM in The Center Theater Gallery, which is located on the west side of The Center Theater Lobby. The gallery is open to the public during The Center’s regular business hours Monday-Saturday 8AM-9PM and Sunday 9AM-7PM. Arend’s exhibition will be on display until April 4, 2016. The Center Theater Gallery is located at The Center at 265 S Cache Street in Jackson.


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