2018 Creative in Residence

Jackson Hole Public Art proposed the concept of a pavilion as both a dramatic sculpture and an accessible venue to activate The Center Park as The Center’s Creative in Residence for 2018. This residency provides support and space to highlight an interdisciplinary large-scale creative endeavor which results in an impactful and inspiring end product. JH Public Art subsequently issued the call for artists and facilitated a blind selection process. Carney Logan Burke Architects’ Town Enclosure design was selected and JH Public Art oversaw the entire fabrication and installation of the project. The enclosure is a circular composition of timber panels anchored by a custom steel base, which offers both transparent and opaque views depending on one’s position and perspective.

Town Enclosure Pavilion is open to performing and visual artists, exhibits, classes, and spontaneous gatherings, free for use by artists and nonprofit organizations offering non-ticketed activities. To reserve Town Enclosure Pavilion, call Center for the Arts at 307-734-8956.


Town Enclosure exists as a sculptural object and as a backdrop for the various activities this community park supports but it is much more than a sculpture. Created from a circular composition of timber panels, The Pavilion and the space it creates are both transparent and opaque according to one’s position and perspective. The enclosure is only fully experienced via movement around and within the object. An intervention within The Center Park,Town Enclosure, is an armature for celebration of creative activity, performance, and discovery.


Town Enclosure Pavilion + Dancers' Workshop Junior Repertory Company

Pavilion Installation May 17 2018

Pavilion in Progress May 18 2018

Pavilion in Progress May 17 2018