Creative in Residence

In 2017, The Center announced the creation of an exciting initiative, Creative in Residence. This residency opportunity will provide support and space for guests to work at The Center along with the artistic community that will highlight an interdisciplinary process and result in an impactful and inspiring end product. Selection for the Creative in Residence opportunity is by invitation from The Center's Creative in Residence committee consisting of Center Board members, community members and Center staff.


The Center's 2017 Creatives in Residence, Matthew Day Jackson, Camille Obering and Andy Kincaid, present Observatories an exhibition of sculpture, video and performance art activating The Center and greater Jackson Hole throughout summer 2017.

The 2018 Creative in Residence is a partnership between Jackson Hole Public Art and The Center called the 2018 Pavilion Project. The Pavilion will be both a large-scale sculpture and a place to gather.

For more about The Center's Creative in Residence program contact:

Oona Doherty, Creative Initiatives Coordinator